How do you reach your audience and convince them to choose your app? This is a challenge most app developers recognize. Thus, App Store Optimization (ASO) has become a more important discipline in app marketing today. But how do you perform the best ASO? And how important is App Store Video for conversion? These were some of the main discussions at this year’s App Promotion Summit. This article discusses the ASO workshop, App Store Video conversion and the LIVE ASO panel from The App Promotion Summit in Berlin, 2016.

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App Store Optimization – live

One of the most highly anticipated events of the APS Berlin was the Live ASO event. Several insights were exchanged between participants. Of course, the much buzzed about introduction of Apple Search Ads received plenty of attention and comparison with Google Adwords. The main conclusion from this part is that marketers need to act fast and get started on their own Search Ads campaigns now – while the market is not yet overcrowded.

At Mobtimizers we have previously written about our own client experience and insights with Search Ads here and here. If you are considering getting started with Search Ads don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tips for a successful app

One other major themes of the session was the different techniques that can be applied to secure success for apps in the app stores – and monetization strategies. Among the conclusions was to focus on less competitive social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat, to meet users – and make sure to utilize mobile web to expand the user base.

Using the proper tracking software and setting up KPIs that are right for the purpose are essential steps that help focus the scope. There was an emphasis on the analysis of data – to get an in depth picture of the app performance – and to be able to acquire the right users.

App Store Video conversion increased up to 200%

App Store video conversion was a highlight of the workshop. Use of App Store videos show an increase in conversion from 20-200% depending on app category and content. Shorter videos are proven to work even better. This is a significant App Store Video conversion rate for anyone wishing to optimize on their App Store presence. Our own experiments at Mobtimizers show similar positive results.

The workshop panel consisted of moderator, Richard Buettner (RB), Managing Director and founder of App Marketing Agentur, Ekatarina Petrakova (EP), ASO Manager, Rocket Internet, Moritz Daan (MD), partner and co-founder at Phiture, Adeline Lee (AL), Director of Product at Clue and James Eggleston (JE), CTO at Appscatter.

During a session of a live App Store Optimization the panel discussed different valid methods for user acquisition, since a lot of downloads come from searches today.

RB: What are the biggest changes for ASO in 2017?

EP: “Well, I will have to say that Search Ads is a big thing. It can actually also help us to do better ASO in the future. As in iOS, the App descriptions are part of the rankings. They will be even more important, just as we see it in Google Play today. I also believe in app indexing and mobile accelerated pages. And personally, I am a great fan of localizations.”

MD: “In the early days of ASO, keyword optimization was the most important feature. Now it becomes increasingly hard to compete on keywords. ROI on keyword optimization alone is difficult. Today, I believe that conversion rate optimization is gaining even more importance, in terms of experiments for instance. Today, 50% of store searches are broad searches and 50% are brand searches. 33% of all installs comes from broad keyword searches. So we need to find a balance between conversion optimization and keyword optimization.”

AL: “I believe that ASO will become even more mature and important in 2017. Because of this development, we will experience that all the components of an optimization become equally important; screenshots, descriptions and icons alike.”

RB: Until now, ASO has been a bit of a ‘guess the game’. But you can only bid on one position. I wonder if there will be a betting war. How do you see the connection between ASO and iOS Search Ads?

EP: “Well, if you look at the different tools – AppTweak is one of the absolute best tools to actuate search volumes. And in the future I believe there will be a score on the keyword versus app relevancy.”

MD: “Use iOS ads for ASO. Now, it is becoming possible to look at retention rates on a keyword level. This is great news as it gives us insights about which keywords generate the most loyal users. I find the development within retention rates on keywords super interesting. This is something I want to follow more intensely.”

At Mobtimizers we have already worked closely with Search Ads. We have garnered insights in terms of the impact of Search Ads on ASO rankings.

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