Mobtimizers provided great suggestions for optimization of the relevant keywords for our target audience and delivered good insights into which app store categories to choose. Their experiments and A/B testing of different screenshots stressed how important it is to think about optimization already when you make your marketing strategy. We are going to use our learnings from this process in our continued work – also with our MobilePay app.
Bettina Schjødt LarsenChief Consultant, Danske Bank, MobilePay

WeShare | Visibility

App Store Optimization • App Trailer • Keyword Analysis • ASO Best Practices

Arla | Engagement

Developed Engagement Framework • Tool Recommendation • Campaign Design and Implementation

Debitoor | Insights

Strategic Consulting on Attribution Tracking • Tool Research and Recommendation

digiDoc Search Ads | Visibility

Market, Demographics and Keyword Analysis • Search Ads Campaign Design • CPA Optimization • Report Design

TopToy | Strategy

Strategic Workshop Challenging Mobile Roadmap • Customer Journey Deep Dive • Value Proposition Design

Coop | Insights

App Portfolio Benchmarking • Portfolio Analysis • KPI Reporting • Strategic Recommendations

Arnold Busck | Strategy

Consumer Journey Mapping • Google Analytics Audit • Benchmarking • Identifying Mobile Revenue Potential

Aller | Visibility

App Store Optimization • Experiments • Keyword Analysis • Screenshot Optimization

digiDoc App Store Optimization | Visibility

Market Analyses • A/B Testing • Keyword Optimization • Language Localization

App Store Optimization - Insights


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Build a roadmap that brings your mobile presence to light. Mobtimizers can act as an important partner in developing marketing strategies that cultivate organic growth, acquire, retain, and convert quality users.

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App Store Optimization - Visibility


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Gain new perspectives on what success means to your business. We help you envision that transformation – and capitalize on that vision, by analyzing data on existing channels, identifying potential, redefining KPIs, and building a customized roadmap to success.

App Store Optimization - Insights


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Qualitative and quantitative data analysis are imperative to successful mobile transformation. By applying the latest tools and methods, and sharing our expertise, we ensure your data will keep serving you.


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