What is App Store Optimization (ASO) and What Services Can an ASO Agency Provide You?

App Store Optimization (ASO) services are a set of tools and strategies used to improve the visibility and ranking of mobile apps in app store search results, such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

An ASO Agency is a consulting agency that focuses on improving an app’s organic growth, while also being able to strategize with and support paid marketing efforts. An ASO Agency should work with data, conducting research, competitor analysis, A/B Testing, Value Proposition Mapping, and provide consistent and periodic reporting on progress and success. Furthermore, services can include keyword research, app title and description optimization, app icon and screenshot design, reviews and ratings management, and localization for global markets.

Here is an overview of the main services offered by an ASO Agency

Keyword research. This service involves identifying relevant keywords and phrases that people use when searching for apps in an app store. These keywords are then included in the app’s title, description, and metadata to help the app rank higher in search results.

App title and description optimization. The app title and description are two of the most important elements of ASO, as they are the first thing potential users see when searching for an app. An ASO service can help you craft a compelling title and description that accurately describes the app’s features and benefits, while also including relevant keywords.

App icon and screenshot design. The app icon and screenshots are also important elements of ASO, as they can help an app stand out in search results and entice users to download it. An ASO service can help you design an engaging app icon and screenshots that showcase the app’s best features.

Reviews and ratings management. User reviews and ratings play a crucial role in ASO, as they can influence an app’s visibility and ranking in search results. An ASO service can help you manage your app’s reviews and ratings, by responding to negative reviews and encouraging positive ones.

Backlinks and external promotion. ASO services may also include building backlinks to your app and promoting it on external platforms (e.g. website, social media) to increase its visibility and drive more traffic to the app store page.Get more insight into how ASO can benefit an app with a Mobtimizer case study here.

How does an ASO agency measure success

There is a standard framework of KPIs to measure success in ASO. An ASO agency would offer the following KPIs: retention rate, conversion rate, downloads, visibility, average ranking, and ROI. An ASO agency may offer a secondary set of KPIs important to client needs, such as “time to first play,” time spent in-app, number of specific actions taken in-app, and so on.

One of the main goals of ASO is to increase the visibility of your app in app store search results. Measuring your app’s visibility can be done by tracking its ranking for relevant keywords over time.

Another key metric to track is the number of downloads your app receives. A successful ASO agency will be able to help you increase your app’s downloads over time.

User ratings and reviews play a crucial role in ASO because they can influence an app’s visibility and ranking in search results. Measuring the number of ratings and reviews your app receives, as well as the average rating, can give you an idea of how well your app is perceived by users.

Organic traffic is the number of users who discover your app through app store search results, rather than through paid advertising or other promotional channels. Measuring your app’s organic traffic can give you an idea of how well your ASO efforts are working.

Retention rate is the percentage of users who continue to use your app after they have downloaded it. A high retention rate is an indicator that users are finding value in your app and that your ASO efforts are successful in bringing in the right target audience.

Conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action (e.g. make an in-app purchase, sign up for a service) after downloading your app. A high conversion rate indicates that your app is successful in converting users into customers.

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your ASO efforts can be done by comparing the amount of money you’ve spent on ASO services to the increase in downloads, revenue, or other desired outcomes. A positive ROI is an indicator that your ASO agency is delivering value. Read here to see how Mobtimizers recently helped a multibillion dollar fintech client achieve 6x ROI.

It’s important to note that these data points are not mutually exclusive and one should look at them holistically to evaluate the success of the ASO agency.

Is an ASO agency right for your business?

There are several reasons why an app company might choose to work with an App Store Optimization (ASO) agency:

Expertise: ASO is a specialized field that requires a deep understanding of app store algorithms and user behavior. ASO agencies have teams of experts who are well-versed in the latest ASO techniques and strategies and can help you achieve better visibility and ranking for your app.

Time-saving: ASO can be a time-consuming process, requiring ongoing research and analysis. Working with an ASO agency can save your company time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Better results: An ASO agency can help you achieve better results in terms of visibility, ranking, and downloads, by using a combination of techniques such as keyword research, title and description optimization, and reviews and ratings management.

Cost-effective: Hiring an ASO agency can be more cost-effective than building an in-house ASO team, as you don’t have to invest in the recruitment, training, and retention of specialized staff.

Ongoing support: ASO is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring and adjustment. An ASO agency can provide ongoing support, monitoring your app’s performance and making adjustments as necessary to improve your app’s visibility and ranking.

Testing and experimentation: ASO agencies have the resources to run A/B tests, experiments and data analysis to see what strategies work and what doesn’t, this helps to make the most of your ASO efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Analyzing competitor’s efforts: ASO agencies can also help you keep an eye on your competitor’s efforts and their strategies, so you know what you’re up against and can adjust your own efforts accordingly. ASO is an imperative part of an app marketer’s toolkit. An ASO agency can offer strategic and beneficial services and support. Reach out to Mobtimizers here and find out how we can customize a strategic ASO plan for your app business today.

Frequently asked questions about ASO and ASO agency

  • Why should I choose an ASO agency to optimize ASO?

    As an agency we can apply insights from multiple accounts to benefit you.

  • What are the main services an ASO agency offers?

    Main services include: Keyword research, app title and description optimization, app icon and screenshot design, reviews and ratings management, backlinks and external promotion.

  • How do I measure the success of ASO?

    Success is measured on the details you desire. It is often set at increased visibility, downloads or revenue increase and measured against the cost of your ASO agency.

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