Winning App Store Optimization Strategies (ASO Tips)

App Store Optimization (ASO) consultant Peter Godtfredsen from Mobtimizers joins Ariel Michaeli to discuss App Store Optimization strategies and shares his framework for success as well as tips and tricks.This fireside chat is part of a series of videos discussing App Store Optimization (ASO) by AppFigures. What is App Store Optimization and why do we need it? When it comes to App Store Optimization, one…
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Discount rebate code for APS NYC 2017 App Promotion Summit Workshop

App Promotion Summit 2017 New York with Mobtimizers – APS New York discount

Get your APS New York discount code and join the Mobtimizers workshop at the App Promotion Summit on April 6, 2017. After several groundbreaking conferences in London and Berlin, APS is heading to the city that never sleeps this spring. APS sets a particular standard with fast-paced, short presentations, mixed up formats, and interactive conversations following the thought-provoking presentations. APS is known for their distinct…
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