WeShare by MobilePay: App Store Optimization (ASO)

Improved visibility in Apple App Store and Google Play Store with App Store Optimization

In June 2016 MobilePay launched their follow up app’, WeShare, in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Stores. MobilePay worked intensively on the development of the app – including a strategy for launch and App Store Optimization, as they wanted to achieve the highest possible visibility, in particular within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store when launching the app.

Mobtimizers was involved in this process and our first step was to conduct a thorough analysis in order to identify those elements that could be optimized for increased visibility – including keyword optimization and app store descriptions in several versions. The aim was to create the optimal conditions for WeShare by Mobilepay and get the best possible start in the market.

Client – MobilePay, Danske Bank

The Danske Bank payment app MobilePay has had enormous success. Since it launched in Denmark in 2014, it has been downloaded more than three million times and has also been introduced in the Norwegian and Finnish markets.

The new app, WeShare, makes it easy for users to keep track of shared expenses, for instance when they are at festivals or on weekend trips with friends. The app makes it possible for groups to share images, expenses and chat. WeShare calculates exactly how much each participant has to pay and the communal payment is settled through MobilePay.

WeShare by Mobile Pay App Store Optimization and Video Trailer (ASO) Mobile Strategy

The ASO challenge and the solution

It was important for WeShare to launch successfully and with maximum visibility in the App Store and Google Play store to maximize acquisition.

“Mobtimizers provided great suggestions for optimization of the relevant keywords for our target audience and delivered good insights into which app store categories to choose. Also, their experiments and A/B testing of different screenshots stressed how important it is to think about optimization already when you make your marketing strategy. We are going to use our learnings from this process in our continued work – also with our MobilePay app,” says Bettina Schjødt Larsen, Chief Consultant, Danish Bank, MobilePay.

The result and effect of App Store Optimization

“Our cooperation with Mobtimizers has given us good advice on how to optimize WeShare to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store,” adds Bettina Schjødt Larsen.

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