ASO Case Study: Multi-billion Dollar Fintech Company Achieved an ROI of 6X


Utilizing ASO, GP experiments, new iOS features of Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization

A multi-billion dollar remittance company partnered with Mobtimizers to achieve their ambitious targets for downloads and conversions in both Apple Store and Google Play across several key markets. During the long term partnership Mobtimizers delivered on ASO goals, performance analysis, designed their experimentation roadmap, and helped roll out and train the in-house team on Apple Store’s new features such as Custom Product Pages (CPP) and Product Page Optimization (PPO).

The challenge

A top-tier global remittance company’s key business objective was to enlarge their market share, gain a competitive advantage, and increase their share of voice. Client also requested communication strategy support to help highlight their on-brand messaging.

Client wanted to increase organic downloads in Apple Store and Google Play in several key markets, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. They needed an agency that could support full service App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts and graphic creation in both North America and Europe. Mobtimizers was selected as a partner.

The growth targets from the client were very ambitious and therefore required ongoing ASO iterations and a radical experimentation strategy for copy and graphics.

Further challenges: Apple introduces new tools 

Midway through the project Apple introduced two new capabilities: Custom Product Page (CPP) and Product Page Optimization (PPO). Mobtimizers analyzed and offered strategic guidance on both offerings. Mobtimizers also designed, implemented, and analyzed experiments within PPO to quickly gain competitive advantage, as well as developing graphics for and implementation of CPPs.


Experimentation and Product Page Optimization

Experimentation is critical to improve conversion rates and meet growth targets. Mobtimizers developed and implemented market specific experiments across Google Play and App Store with Apple’s new PPO feature for A/B testing on iOS. 

Using a bold methodology of accelerated experimentation, Mobtimizers was able to get quicker results and significant improvements. Mobtimizers continuously tested variations of short description, feature images, screenshots with great success and increased both numbers of retained users as well as first-time installers. (any numbers or % we can add/small graph?)

Experiments and PPOs were localized to meet and understand local market differences. Value propositions and adapted CTAs were tested across markets and app store platforms before implementing. 

Custom Product Pages to support paid acquisition 

The Apple Store’s CPPs can be used to create targeted landing pages for paid acquisitions. CPPs require tailored graphics and strategic CTAs to increase conversion on marketing channels like App Store Search Ads. Mobtimizers developed multiple CPPs with custom value propositions along with unique selling propositions targeting specific keywords and market segments.

App Store Optimization and competitive positioning 

In addition to the fundamentals of ASO – continuous optimization of keywords, descriptions, titles, and graphics – Mobtimizers aligned efforts with in-house paid campaigns to achieve higher rankings in both paid and organic efforts. Mobtimizers performed continuous analysis on competitive advantage and ranking. Read here for more details on what services an ASO agency can provide.

The Results

With steadfast and constant improvement of ASO optimized keywords, copy, localized graphics, experiments, and support of paid marketing campaigns, Google Play experiments, CPPs, and PPOs, client achieved overall ROI of 6X, providing excellent value. 

Conversion rates improved 20% across markets. Improved conversion rates on paid campaigns with CPPs with X. iOS noticeable saw 34% CR lift on organic iOS first-time installers.  

By combining ASA with CPP, Mobtimizers documented 3 significant  improvements. Access to a larger pool of ASA inventory by making listings that Apple sees eligible for searches. Download rate improved on all CPPs, between 1%-22%. Tap through rates increased on all CPPs. CPAs fluctuated, but were kept within target.

By combining ASA with CPP, Mobtimizers documented three significant improvements: access to a larger pool of ASA inventory by making listings that Apple sees eligible for searches, download rate improved on all CPPs, between 1%-22%, and tap through rates increased on all CPPs. CPAs fluctuated, but were kept within target. 

ASO efforts secured the client higher rankings in both App Store and Google Play on important strategic and highly competitive keywords. Top volume keywords within the client vertical saw significant improvements. Aggregated average positions of high volume keywords improved from approximately an average rank of 3.5 to 1.5 on highly competitive keywords.

The success of the partnership was the direct result of the ongoing communication and collaboration between client and agency. Key components of the strategy were derived by aligning App Store Optimization and experimentation efforts with the client’s global marketing strategy and branding.
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