App Store Optimization Plan & ASO case study

Planning ASO in-house can be a daunting task for many businesses. Keeping up to speed with a field that continues to develop rapidly is resource intensive, driving many businesses to outsource the work to agencies like Mobtimizers. With experts handling optimization of app store presence and conversion optimization, having a clear insight of ongoing performance and methods becomes a crucial part of working with an agency. Below are examples of key takeaways from a Mobtimizers ASO plan and ASO performance report for a client project.

The challenge

Client with existing app wanted to improve visibility in their Apple App Store and Google Play Store. App was already launched, but had low overall visibility. Downloads and engagement KPIs were not meeting expectations in target markets. 

Substantial resources had been spent on design and development of the app, along with a dedicated budget for marketing and launch activities to improve ASO performance and app store visibility.

Full service ASO Plan – Project deliverables and method

Our team approached the project using Mobtimizers’ agile yet effective ASO framework, along with a thorough app rank and competitors keyword analysis. It is important for keywords to be relevant to the core value of the app and the value proposition, while at the same time having significant search volume, as well as being realististic to ranking against competitors. 

Pre-analysis included conversion analysis and benchmark comparison of similar apps. It became apparent that there was room for improvement in both keyword and category rankings, as well as the conversion rates in the local stores. 

Read here for more details on what services an ASO agency can provide.

Deliverables included several iterations of keyword optimization as well as ongoing experiments of localized copy, feature images, and screenshots. A crucial component of a successful ASO projects is documentation of all changes, as well as short and long term results.

Insight into ASO deliverables and results

Executive ASO Summary 

After the first 2 iterations of the App Store Optimization, significant improvements can be tied back to the optimized keywords, category change, and ongoing experiments of titles, app descriptions, icon, and visuals.

Visibility – Effect on Visibility Summary

As mentioned above, achieving better ranking on searches of high volume keywords, requires a selection of keywords with an appropriate level of competition, where it is possible to achieve ranking in the 1st or 2nd position. Another key element is to prioritize keywords that work well together to maximize reach. 

ASO Planning Implementation & Reporting -UK App Downloads
Seen above is the impact of two ASO implementations in Google Play,.

Competitive rankings have been improved, moving past a majority of competitors. 

  • Significant improvements of keywords ranking for top 5 for high volume keywords across markets on both platforms, compared with competitors. 
  • After implementation of improved keywords list, the app now ranks on many relevant keywords, including 45 1st positions in the for Google Play and 27 1st positions on iOS.
  • Highly positive impact due to app category change. The change advanced the app to top 5 position.
Changing app primary category gave immediate impact on visibility.

Conversion – Effect on Conversion Summary

Experiments is an effective method to understand and test what drives conversion in Google Play. Google Play provides a range of options to run multivariate tests in each market on localized copy and visuals. In this ASO project, we ran multiple experiments, creating great value for our client. 

  • Accumulated improvement in conversion by +29% for Germany, and +19.5% for the United Kingdom. 

Highest performing experiments increased conversion by 
”Feature image and short description” experiments had significant impact on conversion rates by +10% iOS Search Ads

ASO Experiments - Conversion increaseApple Search Ads Plan and ASO integration

It is recommended to supplement with iOS Ads to boost strategic keywords. App Store Search Ads is a great way to acquire highly engaged users and is also an efficient way to be visible on specific keywords where it is difficult to rank organically short term. 

Mobtimizers achieved the following results on iOS Search ads:

  • Competitive Rates reached on both markets Removal of high CPA keywords reduced average CPA by 39% for UK
  • DE market is slightly more competitive driving up average CPA 
Contact us for an offer for full Service ASO proposal here. We will be happy to talk about an ASO project proposal with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on ASO proposals?

  • Where can I get an ASO proposal?

    Contact us today and we will get in touch we you in regards to an ASO proposal.

  • Where can I find an ASO case study?

    Find numerous ASO case studies on our site from several leading brands and apps

  • What are the objectives of ASO?

    The objective of ASO is to acquire as many app users as efficiently as possible. Main method is to secure as much organic exposure, and convert that interest into downloads by leveraging optimized copy and graphics about the app.

  • What is an example of ASO?

    An example of ASO can be optimized keywords, app description og app screenshots that increase conversion rates and downloads. A/B testing is also a proven method in ASO.

  • Why is ASO needed?

    Competition is fierce in App Store and Google Play and many app publishers spend a lot of money to promote their app. Your app need to stand out and focus on the right customer segments to compete. ASO can help your app user base grow organically.

  • Why is ASO necessary?

    ASO is necessary as you constantly have to optimize your app store presence and performance to be able to compete with other apps that might have bigger marketing budgets and potentially are better known by App Store and Google Play users.

  • What are the KPIs for ASO?

    The main KPIs for ASO are Impressions, Product Page Views, Conversion, Downloads and Retained users. This will typically be split between paid and organic marketing channels.

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