Mobile Survey 2015: Companies are shifting focus to mobile

A 2015 mobile survey by Econsultancy and Adobe shows companies across the globe are increasing their focus on mobile. Budgets and efforts towards leveraging mobile platforms for business opportunities and customer relations are increasing compared to last year, but measuring the effects is still a challenge.

A global 2015 mobile survey conducted by Econsultancy for Adobe finds that marketers and digital professionals are now channeling a strong focus on mobile: 62% say they are increasing mobile budgets this year, and 45% are working on a mobile strategy.

This is a key development in a world where the average person spends more than three hours a day on their smartphone. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly, and companies need to adjust their strategies and direction quickly. But perhaps the rush to get their bearings and field a mobile presence has caused many businesses to shortcut on measuring mobile effects, leaving companies in the dark as to what works and what doesn’t.

Adapting strategic thought

Companies are increasing their mobile presence, with tactics such as responsive or mobile-optimised websites and mobile apps.

However, only 34% of company respondents in the ‘mobile survey 2015’ currently have a mobile strategy laid out for at least a 12 month period. Considering this consumer growth in mobile more companies are now becoming aware of the need to shift focus. As such, 45% are working on their strategy.

mobile survey 2015 graphic - Mobile strategy?
From Econsultancy / Adobe Mobile Survey 2015

Adjusting budget allocations

62% of companies plan to up their spend on mobile in 2015. Currently, the average mobile budget is 15% of the overall digital budget. So what are they spending money on? According to this study, companies are mainly focussed on creating a personalized customer experience, optimizing solutions and communicating with customers via SMS, push or responsive email.

Specifically more companies employ responsive or mobile-optimized websites as well as mobile apps.

The question for the strategist are no longer about the long-term viability of apps, but about their distinct role in the customer journey and the challenges of standing out in a growing crowd.

The Quest for Mobile Excellence, page 22.

Mobile metrics competing with desktop

Successful website strategy involves building, measuring, and re-engineering as a continuous process. Success of mobile apps depends on the same development and expectations.

In the rush to field a mobile presence, many companies have ignored a measurement strategy, leading to an incomplete understanding of what is happening within the apps and because of them.

The Quest for Mobile Excellence, page 29.

Only half of company respondents in the study measure user engagement and ROI of their mobile initiatives. When they do measure, the number of downloads is the primary metric applied. The number of downloads does not show how engaged users are or if the app is on track with building customer retention. How can companies hope to improve mobile solutions, let alone develop better ones in the future, with a lack of understanding of user behavior?

[…] it’s important that brands […] approach their apps with the same rigor in measurement and benchmarking that is standard for the desktop web.”

The Quest for Mobile Excellence, page 29.

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